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Weeve is a Chrome extension that lets busy people learn languages as they browse the internet.

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weeve chrome extension homescreen learn languages as you read the internet. Wikipedia page being translated into spanishweeve chrome extension homescreen learn languages as you read the internet. Wikipedia page being translated into spanish

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1. Hover any weeved word that appears on your screen

2. Mark if you guessed it right, or not

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Supporting Languages from all Across the World

We are adding new languages every week, with a focus on Weeving your dearest minority languages.

Portuguese (PT)
More Coming Soon...

Learn a Language Faster with Zero Time Sink

Now you never have to feel bad about scrolling through Twitter when you should be working. Weeve is thoughtfully designed not to distract you from your daily browsing.

"Awesome product, as someone who's struggled with language's this is great for slowly getting me to learn more and more each day."

Learn The Top 2000 most Frequently Used Words

Ditch the flashcards. Weeve, backed by language acquisition research, embeds most frequent words in each language into your daily browsing. More natural, less grinding, more effective. Trust us (and the science).

"This is hands down the best way to learn a language. You literally learn passively as you browse content you love on the internet. No lessons needed. I absolutely love this, and cannot wait to see it grow."

Immerse Yourself in Movies, TV, and Music Quicker.

Immersion in your new language is still the best way to become fluent. The problem is, most people never make it that far. With Weeve you can simplify the most difficult stage of learning a language - the beginning.

"Game changer for language learning!"

Your Privacy is Our Priority

All of the Weeve magic is processed locally on the page, or ‘client-side’. Meaning we do not have access to the contents of your browser, and your browsing data is not collected by our Chrome Extension.

Loved By Language Learners. Backed by Reseach.

"Dealing with German clients was a language catch-up game at first. I lacked time and traditional methods didn't cut it. Then I found Weeve. Every online article and LinkedIn post became a language lesson. Now, I effortlessly watch German content and connect better with clients. Weeve gave me a window into German culture."

Dan G

Learning German

"Juggling college work and language learning was tough. Flashcards and grammar books were far too exhausting. Then, I discovered Weeve. Suddenly, I was learning French while scrolling online. It felt like a secret shortcut. Now, I effortlessly switch languages while online. Weeve made me feel a global citizen, straight from my laptop."

Sinéad M

Learning French

As a second language teacher I see my students struggle, spending hours doing grammar exercises & learning vocabulary by heart. Weeve is a fantastic idea, it removes the frustration frequently associated with language learning.

T Keenan

Learning Spanish

People Who Love Learning Languages Love Weeve.

Here's what they have to say

"What an inventive tool, it is exactly what I need to learn Spanish whilst on doing my daily activities!"

Aisling O'Connor

Learning Spanish

"Such a useful tool to add to your language learning journey. It will help you learn the most common words alongside words in topics you are interested in which gives it a clear advantage over traditionally organised language learning books which tend to go topic by topic rather than common to uncommon."

Evan Byrne

Learning Irish

"Excellent tool to effortlessly blend in language learning into reading you already do. It's help me learn words I actually use on the daily and see often in the news, or other sites I visit. So it definitely has a real life use case and not constantly just phrases like "Where is the train station" etc. The developers are super responsive and adding new things which is also great."

Daniel McFadden

Learning Spanish

"Iontach! As an American, it's incredibly difficult to find quality Irish learning resources, especially when it comes to pronunciation. This tool is a game-changer. It allows me to incorporate Irish into my daily routine, and I only need to click on the word to hear how it's pronounced."

Tim Murphy

Learning Irish

"I'm loving the Weeve extension, As someone who loves to learn new words in multiple languages, the basic level is fabulous. I'm particularly loving Weeve as I scroll LinkedIn. Once I get more proficient in Spanish I am going to keep shifting that Translation Frequency level up"

Sam Fleischmann

Learning Spanish

"Super easy to set up and use. I work on my computer 9 hours a day, so to be able to seemlessly combine work and language learning is an absolute game changer! Super happy with the experience so far!"

Reynir Smárason

Learning Spanish

“I struggled a lot finding the right words, until I found this extension. Now I’m searching up articles about marketing in German. This will definitely help you learn a language.”


Student, Learning German

Weeve Premium

Make The Most of Every Hour

For the price of a coffee and a pastry each month you can claim back those hours wasted on flashcards every evening

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Learn The Top 2000 Most Frequent Words in any Language
Practice Your Pronunciation without Pressure
Save 100+ hours Per Year Learning Languages
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Start Your 7-day Premium Trial
Get super-accurate verb translations using AI
Highlight any English words or phrases to get translation
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Start Your 7-day Premium Trial
We are so confident that you’ll both learn a new language and save so much time and effort with Weeve that we are happy to offer you all premium features free for 7-days. If you feel you are not learning or saving time in that period, simply cancel your account and you will not be charged anything.


Can you use Weeve on mobile?

Currently, Weeve is a Chrome extension and is designed for use on desktop browsers. However we are always actively investigating new opportunities and avenues to bring exciting language learning tools to people all over the world.

Why do I need to sign up before downloading Weeve?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings portal. You can access this portal from within the chrome extension menu, or by logging in on the Weeve website. Click here to access the login portal.

How does Weeve respect my privacy?

All of Weeve's language magic happens exclusively on your end. This is known as 'client-side processing'. We also do not sell or share your data with any third parties. In fact your data is encrypted and anonymised, so we couldn't snoop on you even if we wanted (which we don't). You can view our privacy policy here.

Does Weeve work on browsers other than chrome?

Weeve is currently available to use on all of the main browsers available. However, it is currently optimised for google chrome, and is currently in a beta process on other browsers. We are a small team, and are working hard to optimise it across browsers, so if you see a bug please don't hesitate to report it to us.

When are you adding the language I want to learn?

It is our goal as language enthusiasts to bring an exciting breadth and width of languages to Weeve, in order to promote and engage people in a range of rich cultures. We are currently allowing users to vote on the languages they would most like to see, you can vote here.

Still have questions?

We're always happy to chat with people who are interested in language learning. Please hit the red bubble located on the bottom right corner of your screen to open up a chat with us.