Language Learning just got Personal.

The personalised language learning app that helps you master the language you actually use! Say goodbye to boring textbooks and generic content – our app lets you learn a new language by using the websites and news articles you love.

learn any language using news articles of your choice. Learn from business topics, current affairs, sports, travel or food articles

Learn a new idioma through

any web articles choose

Loved By Language Learners Everywhere

This app has made my morning commute more interactive, plus I noticed I definitely know a good few more words now. Looking forward to reading some more titles and I definitely won’t be using Duolingo again!”
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Dan German

Learning Spanish

Great app, fantastic content - looking forward to seeing the options grow. Would recommend this to anyone who loves to learn and challenge themselves or wants to master a new language. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
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Sinéad M

Learning French

As a second language teacher I see my students struggle, spending hours doing grammar exercises & learning vocabulary by heart. Weeve is a fantastic idea, it removes the frustration frequently associated with language learning.
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T Keenan

Learning Spanish

woman using her phone to learn languages enjoyable content with explanations and translations for each word

Learn Through Context. Forget Memorisation.

Weeve focuses on teaching you the most frequently used words in conversation. We're talking about the words you'll actually use in real-life situations – not just the ones you'll find in a dusty old textbook.

Take your articles on the go with immersive audio.

We know that everyone learns at their own pace – and that's why we've made it easy to adjust the level of translation difficulty to your liking. Want to challenge yourself with more advanced vocabulary? We've got you covered. Prefer to take it slow and steady? No problem.

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Review New Words in a Flash.

Whether you're a flashcard fanatic or just like to revisit certain words from time to time, Weeve has got you covered. We've made it easy to save words for review at a later stage.

Tired of boring and ineffective language learning methods? Weeve is the web app that uses the power of comprehensible input to make language learning as easy as scrolling through your favourite websites. Our app weaves your articles between your native language and your target language, so you can learn new vocabulary and grammar naturally and effortlessly. Sign up for Weeve today and see how easy language learning can be!